Combinatorial Coworkspace 2024

— a session in algebraic and geometric combinatorics —

Haus Bergkranz · Kleinwalsertal · Austria · March 18-23

A “coworkspace” is a place where people come together to work together or simply side-by-side. The goal of our “combinatorial coworkspace” is to give a group of motivated young and promising as well as established mathematicians such a place to explore new directions, applications, cooperations, and alliances within combinatorics and beyond. A context is provided by a suitable number of tutorials and lectures and the beautiful location encourages to take mathematical thoughts outdoors.

Participation is by invitation only.
Martina Juhnke-Kubitzke (Osnabrück) · Thomas Kahle (Magdeburg) · Raman Sanyal (Frankfurt) · Christian Stump (Bochum)

The following schedule is not carved in stone.
We aim for a cowork space to which all participants are encouraged to actively participate!
We will feature one tutorial, four surveys, two hands-on sessions, and 14 contributed talks.

Tutorial (~360min spread over multiple slots)
General introduction to a topic, potentially including exercises.

4 Surveys (90min)
Overview of a research topic and its connections to geometric, topological and algebraic combinatorics.

2 hands-on sessions (90min)
Be prepared to work yourself (under supervision) on the topic of the hands-on session. Starting with an introduction, the goal for everyone is to use your own computer to play and experience the session's topic.

14 Presentations: (30-60 min)
Research talk, keeping in mind the diverse audience.

Evening activities:
WhoIsWho, EveningTalks, OpenMic

Confirmed participants

  1. Carlos Amendola
  2. Gennadiy Averkov
  3. Aenne Benjes
  4. Benjamin Biaggi
  5. Tobias Boege
  6. Marie Brandenburg
  7. Paul Breiding
  8. Justus Bruckamp
  9. Cesar Ceballos
  10. Nathan Chapelier
  11. Clement Cheneviere
  12. Michael Cuntz
  13. Jan Draisma
  14. Tarek Emmrich
  15. Moritz Firsching
  16. Ansgar Freyer
  17. Sofía Garzón
  18. Zoe Karoline Geiselmann
  19. Christian Haase
  20. Ben Hollering
  21. Elena Hoster
  22. Constantin Ickstadt
  23. Aryaman Jal
  24. Katharina Jochemko
  25. Martina Juhnke-Kubitzke
  26. Thomas Kahle
  27. Viktória Klász
  28. Andreas Kretschmer
  29. Mario Kummer
  30. Joris Köfler
  31. Lukas Kühne
  32. Thomas Lam
  33. Georg Loho
  34. Felix Lotter
  35. Dante Luber
  36. Leo Mathis
  37. Mateusz Michalek
  38. Leonie Mühlherr
  39. Elke Neuhaus
  40. Benjamin Nill
  41. Vincent Pilaud
  42. Irem Portakal
  43. Germain Poullot
  44. Sophie Rehberg
  45. Paco Santos
  46. Raman Sanyal
  47. Amanda Schwartz
  48. Petra Schwer
  49. Rainer Sinn
  50. Johanna Steinmeyer
  51. Jan Stricker
  52. Christian Stump
  53. Bernd Sturmfels
  54. Martin Winter
  55. Francesca Zaffalon