Combinatorial Coworkspace

— a session in algebraic and geometric combinatorics —

Haus Bergkranz · Kleinwalsertal, Austria · March 8-15, 2020

A “coworkspace” is a place where people come together to work together or simply side-by-side. The goal of our “combinatorial coworkspace” is to give a group of motivated young and promising as well as established mathematicians such a place to explore new directions, applications, cooperations, and alliances within combinatorics and beyond. A context is provided by a suitable number of tutorials and lectures and the beautiful location encourages to take mathematical thoughts outdoors.
This one-week meeting takes place at the Haus Bergkranz, a guest house of the Goethe-Universität Frankfurt in Kleinwalsertal, Austria.
Martina Juhnke-Kubitzke (Osnabrück)
Thomas Kahle (Magdeburg)
Raman Sanyal (Frankfurt)
Christian Stump (Bochum)
Further information will be provided